European Day of Languages



Celebrating the 9th of May, Europe Day, in Bulgaria


“Understanding each other is the key to benefitting from Europe’s rich cultural diversity. Language education helps us to do this and to embrace other cultures and ways of life. The European Day of Languages, initiated by the Council of Europe, is held each year on 26 September. It provides an opportunity to celebrate Europe’s unique linguistic context, and serves as an impetus for people of all ages and backgrounds to broaden their horizons and discover the added value of being able to communicate in other languages. Languages and culture go hand in hand. This year, which is the EU-designated European Year of Cultural Heritage, hundreds of events are being organised around the continent by schools, universities, and cultural institutions and associations to mark the European Day of Languages and send a powerful message of openness to one another. My best wishes go to all of those taking part.”

Statement from Council of Europe Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland

Celebration of “European Day of Languages” will be a motive to disseminate partial results at the beginning of the second project year.


Pictorial dictionary – HERE






Increase the students’ interest in learning foreign languages, to make them aware of the importance and the advantages of speaking different languages.



“This year’s European Day of Languages celebrates innovation in language learning and teaching.  This provides us with the perfect opportunity to highlight the huge value of Europe’s cultural diversity. Europe’s nations are always at their strongest and most prosperous when we are open and outward-facing, willing to embrace other ways of life, and when we welcome those who can contribute to our societies. By pausing to celebrate the dozens of languages spoken across our communities we can send a powerful message: that Europe is a truly multilingual place where all backgrounds are welcome and where everyone can have an equal voice. Hundreds of events have been organised by schools, universities and cultural establishments to mark the day. I would like to send my best wishes to all those taking part.”

Statement from Council of Europe Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland

On this occasion the project was launched in the partner schools and the celebration was done through various activities.






Students created and presented animations about this theme: