In the shoes of others!

Activity in which students try to put themselves in the peer through different methods: role-playing games, virtual diary. Every school will have to organize and record activities. We hope that our students will understand better the situation are going through other colleagues and try to help them in the future.


Refugees flows, human rights, interculturality – a workshop realized by the “Greek Guides Corps” (Σ.Ε.Ο). Students experienced step by step the way of the refugees from their country to Greece: the bombing of their city; the injured friends and members of the family; the decision to leave their country; the negotiation with the immigrant smugglers; the difficult and dangerous trip; the arrival in a country where they are not welcome; the effort to communicate in a language they don’t speak; the behavior of the authorities; the settlement in a safe place with basic facilities; the interest and protection of the voluntary organizations.


Activities with the ASSOCIATION OF ALZHEIMER AFA. Students and people with this disease, sharing games, sports and fun.


Tolerance training – understanding and accepting different roles (description of activity HERE)

Visiting students from “Nikolay Katranov” Secondary School in Svishtov at the Day Center for Disabled Children and Young People in Gabrovo before they made presents for their new friends!



Migration and its effects –  making the landscape with “emotions” expressing students’ mood; parents` migration, presentation about the positive and negative effects of migration.

Paper planes – messages sent to parents working abroad; questionnaire.