Erasmus Hub

Erasmus Hub

is a place where experiences lived and taught in other schools (workshops with STEAM type subjects, DIY projects, handicraft workshops, music and traditional dances, skills development for identification of possible careers, making articles, workshops dedicated to parents) are shared with students in their own school, being the legacy of our project. Experiential learning methods and participatory approach provide participants the competencies, skills and knowledge needed to address the topic of inclusion using an innovative approach.


Each workshop has a scenario made with a TEMPLATE and all these works are collected for an eBook:

erasmus hub

These are the workshops proposed by the schools involved in our project:

S cience

Natural Sciences

Gardening with children

  T echnology


Empathy for refugees

 Internet Safety

    E ngineering


Earth Day

      A rts

Digital Creativity

Music bring us together


Kukery masks

Music class – integration with disabled

Traditional game

        M athematics