3rd Short-term Exchanges of Groups of Pupils

October, 2018, Athens, Greece

Expected outcome was: learning the history and culture of Greece; getting basic knowledge of foreign languages (Greek, German) with main goal the effective social inclusion; getting basic knowledge of IT, in order to get skills for a future professional career; team building through educational workshops and games.


Report of the meeting, by Italian team

Meeting Agenda



Survey about the meeting in Greece: HERE!

and the results are HERE



Music brings us together

Students engaged in organizing and presenting a multinational concert in which they played musical instruments and sang tunes or folklore songs from their country. At the end, refugee students also participate to this multicultural music festival.


Refugee for a while

Students played a game of choices about refugees and then they expressed and their feelings and thoughts about it.


Science brings us together

Students engaged in cooperating, using microscope and creating a photo exhibition with a nature theme.


German brings us together



Greek mythology

Myth of Europa. The leader of the gods of ancient Greeks, Zeus, fell in love with a very beautiful girl called Europa. Zeus was transformed into a bull that approached Europα and she slipped on his back. They reached to Crete island and there Zeus took his true look. From their love affair King Minos of Crete was born and he created the Minoan civilization, the first European civilization. Connection with European Union:



1. Getting to know the city of Athens
Visit Acropolis and the museum of Acropolis (Guided tours); Tour in Athens; Walk in Monastiraki and Plaka

2. Visit of the ancient theater and the archeological site of Epidaurus; Visit of the city of Nafplion.

Another kind of school

1. Visit and activities at the National Library of Greece (Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center).

2. Visit the ”Museum of school  life and education”.



Games in school


Festive dinner

The ceremony for the delivery of certificates