1st Short-term Exchanges of Groups of Pupils

March, 2018, Catania, Italia


Site of the meeting


Photo report of the meeting, by Romanian team


Expected outcome – main goal will be the effective social inclusion; getting basic knowledge of IT, in order to get skills for a future professional career; team building through educational workshops and games.


Meeting Agenda

planning erasmus 2018-1

Survey about meeting in Italia: HERE!


Maria’s family house

Students participated in the activities in the “Casa di Maria”, a Biancavilla’s family home (near Catania), where, through the universal language of play and art, a perfect union between diversity and uniqueness has been achieved, creating an environment in which all barriers – linguistic, physical, psychological, cultural – have been annulled, leaving free space to the valorization of a single thing: the Person, understood in the widest sense of the term.



Herman Hesse says “… .. our goal is not to transform each other, but to know each other and to learn to see and respect in the other what he is: our opposite and the our complement. “

Wall painting

Drawings on the wall, starting from the theme of the project – Erasmus Street area.




The acquisition of dramatic skills that allow students to have fun, build confidence, develop their imagination.



Minecraft – intercultural activity

Students created a virtual world playing with Minecraft. The aim of this activity was to promote integration of students through their own drawings with minecraft of the main monuments, the flags of the territories, exchanging their experience and knowledge with foreign students.




Everybody – students and teachers – have learned how to collaborate on the eTwinning virtual space by using new technologies: posting pictures, forums and descriptions, writing stories about places visited during ERASMUS + mobility and posting them




Lady Etna…. “a muntagna”

Geography lesson about volcanoes – “Everything that in nature is great, everything that is pleasant, everything that is that terrible, it is comparable to the Etna and Etna is not comparable to anything. “ – Voyage en Sicilie, 1788, Dominique Vivand Denon.



History and mythology

Lesson about the Greek and Roman heritage in Catania, Acicastello, Acitrezza and Taormina.




An outdoor lesson about Catania’s continuing transformation, according to Etna’s whims.



Festive dinner

The ceremony for the delivery of certificates , where enthusiasm was palpable, with european students, teachers and families all together in a non-formal context. The school has really turned into what it should be, that is an educating community, which generates widespread relational conviviality, interwoven with affective and emotional languages, able to promote the sharing of those values that make feel the members of society like part of a real community. It is true that the school can support the task of “teaching to be” also that “teaching to learn”.