General Secondary School “Nikolay Katranov”


Secondary school “Nikolay Katranov” is the biggest and the most successful school in Svishtov Municipality. It is the only school with language classes in Municipality. From this school year school become member of Association of Cambridge schools in Bulgaria.
The school was founded in 1964. The school was founded in 1964. The school was named after the national hero Nikolay Katranov is a prototype of the literary hero Insarov’s novel “On the eve” of the Russian novelist Turgenev
In the school teach 800 students from 6 to 18 years in garden Child section, elementary, junior high and high school.
The school is located in the central part of the city and most students about 80% percent live there. 20% come from several villages around being transported with special school buses provided by the Ministry of Education.
The parents of 21 percent of the students are emigrants and they live withtheirgrandparents. 19 students are children of immigrantsfromAfghanistan, due to the movement of refugees. 11 pupils have specialeducationalneeds and they have appointedspecial master and certain special room-resource center to deal separately if necessary.Classrooms are located in two school buildings. In one are the children of kindergarten and younger students from an early stage and the other students from primary and secondary class.
For the needs of the learning process the school has four computer labs with four the server and 60 jobs for students in class and internet connection to each classroom and anywhere in the school buildings.
Language classes from VIII to XII class have interactive boards / ten / and for all classrooms at an early stage have purchased TVs.
SU “Nikolai Katranov” is one of the most successful schools in Veliko Tarnovo.
Class of 2016 school “Nikolay Katranov” showed excellent results of state matriculation exams. First place in Veliko Tarnovo among public schools achievements both matriculation with a score of 5.28, first in Veliko Tarnovo among all schools in the second final exam with a score of 5.41. Second place in Veliko Tarnovo among all schools in both matriculation with a score of 5.28.
Some more activities under specific titles;
Student teams from the school three times won a competition program “Evroskola” EP rewards each time 24 students participate in the European Youth Parliament in Strasbourg -28.04.2010, 17.10.2014, 03.30.2017 / pending /
• In competition with more than 100 schools in 20 European cities, the school won first place in the competition of the European Commission “generation @ schools” with prize Certifikate First place in the message to Europe and visit the 30 students in the EC Representation in Brussels, 16-17.05. 2014 year.
• 2015/2016 academic year we Mtel talent as we won the online competition with ACS.
• More recently we received calendars “Az -buki” and Ministry of Educate for 2017, with pictures from the national competition “My school is the best.” On the cover is a photo of Dalia Natcheva II class along with 3 photos from the school ranked in the competition.
• Currently school students from IV to XII class work 8 international projects Erasmus + S partners from over 40 schools from Europe. The topics of the projects are: “Science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the eyes of art”; “Students entrepreneurs in Europe”; “Work in our hands – the future of entrepreneurship”; “The planet is our home – let’s unite in order not to lose”; “It is time to love reading”; “Under the same sky”, “Circle of Web 2.0 tools.”
• Project “Your hour” of the Ministry of Education, we created 24 support groups and extracurricular activities and subscribe to them educational videos on Ucha.se. As a result of increased use of Ucha.se in academic work we received a certificate and a badge “Innovative School of Bulgaria.”