Prva osnovna škola Čakovec



1st Primary School Čakovec is the oldest and biggest primary school in the region. It consists of the central school located in the centre of Čakovec and two district schools in Novo Selo Rok and Krištanovec, villages about 10 kilometers away from the town. The central school provides education for pupils aged 7 to 15, while the district schools provide education for pupils aged 7 to 11. The education of pupils at our school is divided into two educational cycles: classroom teaching (for pupils from 7 to 11 years of age) and subject teaching (for pupils from 11 to 15 years of age). Besides the regular classes, pupils can expanddevelop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in additional classes and various extracurricular activities: singing choir, sport (gymnastics, athletics, basketball, handball, football, volleyball), visual arts, dance, robotics, programming, citizenship education, drama, children’s forum, literary group, recitation group, etc. Classes are organized according to the regular program but also for about around sixty pupils with mild intellectual disabilities, reading, writing or dyscalculia, pupils with autism and Down’s syndrome. Pupils with disabilities are integrated into regular classes and the curriculum is individually adapted to their needs. Professional associates counselor, psychologist and speech therapist) regularly help pupils in individual meetings in overcoming their obstacles.
There are approximately eighty employees at the school: 5 professional associates, 60 teachers and 13 people in administrative and assisting jobs. There are specialized classrooms at the school, two gyms, a library and a big yard with a sport court. The school is very well equipped with various teaching aids: professional literature, sport and other equipment, computers, projectors, smart boards, tablets and Internet access. There are also two interactive classrooms equipped with smart TVs, interactive Samsung Smart School classroom with 30 tablets, iPad lab, Lego robots, Apple Sphero and Fischertechnik robots. School employees regularly professionally develop through various seminars and conferences at a regional, state and international level. The sustained quality of the teaching process is displayed in numerous successes of pupils in various competitions, awards and recognitions that teachers get for their work and in numerous professional and scientific articles our employees publish in Croatia and abroad. Many teachers of our school were promoted by the Education and Teacher Training Agency and acquired the title of a teacher mentor or a teacher advisor.
The school has a great cooperation with the parents who are actively included in various activities, but also with the local community and representatives of local authorities. The school is often highlighted as the regional leader in primary education. Activities carried out at the school are regularly followed by the media at a regional and state level. Teachers and pupils actively participate in different local, regional, state and international projects. The school takes part in the e-Schools project: Establishing the system of development of digitally mature schools, which is financed by the European Union, and conducted by the Ministry of Science and Education and Carnet with associates. Through the project we aim to develop the efficient and transparent school management, develop digitally competent teachers more prepared to incorporate innovation into their teaching practice and digitally competent pupils more prepared to continue their education and be more competitive in the labor market.
The school participated in two Erasmus+ KA2 projects (European Goodwill Cup and Keep Invest Donate Spend) as a partner, and the third project is currently under way (Ecological Literacy). We have successfully implemented or are currently implementing around twenty eTwinning projects. We regularly encourage the development of digital literacy and skills in our pupils which is why we actively participate in celebrating the Safer Internet Day, Hour of Code, EU Code Week etc. The ICT teacher is the ambassador of the European Commission initiative to promote programming EU Code Week. We have actively participated in the Go Car Go project for years, which encourages the development of interest in technology and modeling. We won the second place in the world in the We continuously encourage pupils to be active citizens and to observe their surroundings, identify and solve problems, take initiative. Through various activities we aim to strengthen responsibility, communication skills, leadership skills, develop creative thinking, critical thinking, metacongition and nonconformity in pupils. We offer our pupils the possibility to explore new areas of interest, develop experiential learning and accomplish the transfer of knowledge. It is our mission to develop the lifelong learning skills and prepare our pupils for further education and the future labor market.