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Our school is a secondary school with students aged 12 to 15 years old. The school is situated in the city of Aigaleo, near the capital city of Athens with innumerable archeological sites, museums, buildings, but also near places of natural beauty.
Our school has 275 students and the majority of them come from families with low economical standards. Many students come from migrants’ families mostly from Albania. Moreover, it is likely that next school year our school will receive students from refugees’ families from Syria. There are also a number of students with special learning needs. It is obvious that our students don’t have the chances that a student of the 21st century should have, although they are intelligent, attentive, interested in many fields and participate with enthusiasm in every activity of our school.
The timetable of the Greek High School has 32 teaching hours. The students are taught: Ancient and New Greek language and literature, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, informatics, technology, sports, home economics, religion, music, arts, English and French or German. Furthermore, there are extra classes after the school timetable where the students develop other skills or personal interests in: theater, choir, environmental education, science, sports, foreign languages, reading etc. There are also classes for the students with special learning needs, which take place parallel to the main timetable.
The school building was built at the beginning of the ’80. It has many classrooms, music classroom, computer classroom, physics/chemistry laboratory, library, auditorium, mini football, volleyball and basketball field.
The educational staff consists of 30 teachers. They are all hardworking; they participate in training seminars about their subjects, about innovative methods to enrich their teaching, about relationships between students and teachers. Thanks to their wish to increase the opportunities of the students, they organize after the school timetable innovative classes or they train the students for competitions in mathematics, physics, and technology or for foreign languages’ exams. It is important to stress that the students take part to these classes with enthusiasm and they have great results. The school does not have auxiliary staff. All jobs (secretariat, financial management, statistics, archive management etc.) are carried out by the teachers