Scuola secondaria di I grado Dante Alighieri


The secondary school level “D. Alighieri “is a school specializing in music placed in close proximity to major roads junctions of Catania It is located on a boundary line between two rather different areas for socio-economic characteristics: the commercial and residential center of the city and a deprived neighborhood.
This particular location has determined the formation of a very heterogeneous school environment, as typically prevails in the trend towards a medium-high school level. In recent years the school has also reported an increase in the number of foreign students.
Such a diverse school environment, on one side is an opportunity for students to deal with different cultural models, on the other has resulted in the inclusion problems and risk of dispersion.
For this reason the School constantly organizes various activities and promotes cultural events open to the territory (workshops, concerts, meetings with authors, exhibitions), as well as recovery activities of basic skills for pupils in difficulty.
Also individualized and personalized pathways are constantly planned for Pupils in difficulty, aimed at learning the language, the enhancement of differences, the Understanding, to listen to the other, the interactive dialogue, the feel good Same and with peers
In fact, the school “Dante Alighieri” is committed to ensuring “the harmonious and integral development of the person, within the Italian Constitution and of the European cultural tradition, in the promotion of knowledge and respect and appreciation of individual differences, with the active involvement students and families”
In particular it aims to: offer students learning opportunities of knowledge and basic cultural languages;acquire the thinking tools needed to learn how to select information;promote the ability to develop methods and categories able to orient the personal itineraries;promote the autonomy of thought;promote the academic success of all students, with particular attention to the support of the various forms of diversity, disability or disadvantage.
The educational offer of the school expects to realize the Mission by articulating of the school educational designs, curricular, extra-curricular and organizational in function of the unified management of training activities provided for pupils, teachers and parents, in order to raise the quality of education and training the man and the citizen.
This choice means to relate the complexity of radically new ways of learning with everyday driving work, attentive to the method, the new media and multi-dimensional search. At the same time it means to cure and consolidate the skills and the basic knowledge, essential as essential for the conscious use of knowledge and because they make effective any possibility of learning. To achieve those aims prefixes school always participates with great enthusiasm to the proposals of study, study and realization of the projects proposed and funded by the Ministry of Education, Local, Regional and National Authorities.
Structural resources
The school consists of a four-storey building with an elevator and a large yard for outdoor sporting activities. It hosts 70 teachers and 900 students from 11 to 14 years, distributed in 30 classes including a fully digital one (Cl @ sse 2.0), n. 2 multimedia classrooms, a music workshop, the artistic laboratory, the library, the archive, the main hall with a stage for theatrical activities, the meeting room, a reading classroom, the Technology lab.
In Class 2.0 Pupils and teachers have technology and multimedia devices Device and the classroom is equipped with devices for connecting to the Internet. The banks are willing to island, and groups of students work with the cooperative method.