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CEIP GLORIA FUERTES consists of preschool 3/5 years old and primary school 6/12 years old. Ii is located in a small town 7.000 inhabitants and 8 km to the sea, San Miguel de Salinas, which is closed to two big cities Alicante and Murcia and two airports both twenty minutes from our town.
Nowadays we have 420 students and 30 teachers. We have many students whose parents are economic migrants to different European and not European countries (especially Germany, Rumania, Morocco, Bulgaria, Great Britain, China, Island, etc, more or less 26 nationalities we search together) and who have been left to the care of their grandparents mostly, sometimes to relatives; many parents suffer from unemployment.
There are many students with only one parent .We also have pupils with attention deficit in classes, students with risk of exclusion because of the great number of absences; students with lack of interest in the learning process; students belonging to different religion; students with special educational needs and students with exceptional results.
Our children study English from preschool to primary three hours a week. We have also extra classes, workshops and music and sports classes. All of our educational staff are teachers with one or two specializations. Some of them have been teaching for 20 – 25 years, some are quite new bees (1, 2, 5 years experience). All of the teachers are obliged to have about 300 hours of pedagogical preparation.