4th Short-term Exchanges of Groups of Pupils

April, 2019, San Miguel de Salinas, Spain

Main goal of the meeting was to show students that when they finish the basic studies they have different professional options as a means of social and labor integration.

Meeting agenda



Report of the meeting, by Italian team

Report of the meeting made by Bulgarian team

Spanish meeting seen by Romanian team

poza film

Survey about the meeting in Spain: HERE!

and the results are HERE




Theater rehearsal of the play “The Oracle of Delphi”

poza piesa

The theatre play played on the stage

poza film


Music therapy class – “Body percussion“

The procedure of the workshop consisted of performing rhythmic games, creative percussions, choreography and an adaptation of the contents worked on a classical music theme.




Gardering with children

Visiting Association Disabled ADIS; gardering workshops with disabled people.

Aims of this activities were:
– helping them discover how amazing nature is through play.
– encourage respect for nature in children.
– be able to  feel the responsibility of  assisting and maintaining a living being.




Training via sports activities.

Traditional games – playing Colpbol: a sport played by two mixed teams formed by 7 players.  Based on hitting the ball with your hands, the purpose of this sport is to introduce a ball with your hands in the opposite goal. Children understood that sportsmanship is very important when it comes to relating through sports or games.



Beach sports





Students cooked traditional dishes of the Valencian community and had lunch with the traditional dishes cooked before – cooking workshop in ”Los Alcores Secondary School”.





Natural sciences

Visit the Oceanographic from “City of arts and sciences” – Valencia.





Visiting Casa Museo Miguel Hernandez, a Spanish poet, victim of the Civil war.




Earth science

Learning through experiments




Team building

Team building activities for the development of self-confidence, respect for diversity





Leisure Center Lo Rufete




Festive dinner

Delivery of certificates – a ceremony ending another wonderful and useful learning experience.